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My name is Theodore Copewell and I have been an Automotive Engineer for the past 12 years. I came across a lot of stuff in this world of vehicles and I have handled some of the various and most branded cars along with the various vehicle engines. I am very well aware about the types of engines present in the community and how to deal with each and every issues there is in the automotive industry.


But, what I do know is I give quality content on Pinehurst Concours which will help you make wise decisions on how you can choose the right products for your vehicles.

Apart from these buying guides and accessories, I will also try to cover and reveal some hidden facts about maintaining your vehicles and keeping them healthy for a long period. Machines can wear down any time which is why you should be well aware about how you can keep them as fresh as possible.

I wanted to pursue this career because I fell in love with vehicles since I was a 5 year old. I wanted to fix all the vehicles around me because first of all, I loved doing it. All the parts and accessories were fascinating to a 5 year old me.

Pinehurst Concours is a dedicated blog created by me and my team targetted to influence thousands of individuals and help them make the right choices for their vehicles. If you think any information is not correct, you can contact me and let me know through the contact us page. All feedbacks and collaborations will be highly appreciated.12